Experimental Music

Any sound that picked up by our ear could be a pleasant sound or can be considered as a noise. Each person has their own perception of the sound that they listen to. Others do not like to listen to music not because they do not like it but because of the effect on them. They can feel the loneliness when they are alone and the music is off so they just prefer not to listen to songs. But do you like all types of songs or music?

There are many genres of music that are appearing and many artists also are trying to find what they like in the music and try to produce what they want. As there are also people who are looking for other types of entertainment so they could appreciate the new kinds of music that are being played. One of them is the experimental music that has no limit as to what it is. For others, they may not feel happy having to listen to this kind of music.

But it is now already a part of the music industry and many people are seeking it as they also want to understand the theory of it and what does it feel. What is the emotion that you should feel and what you should be able to understand about it? Do you like what you hear or does it sound not good to your ear? It is up to you to judge if you like this kind of music or not.