Influence in Music

Most people enjoy listening to music and so they fill their phone with lots of music so they could listen to it anytime and anywhere. Music is now part of most people lives and each person has their own favorite music style and specific songs. They can sing along well to songs but they find it annoying to listen to another genre of music that they do not like and appreciate. What others hear as a great and amazing sound is a noise which is very loud.

But from what did your interests in music came from? Most people have been influenced by the type or genre of music that they listened when they are young. That is why many people who have listened to the favorite music and songs of their parents can also have the same interests and choice of music. There are those parents who are musicians and so they are the inspiration for their children and they could follow the genres their parents like.

Others simply derived it by their own feeling. They have listened to many genres of music but they prefer what they like. Sometimes there is the effect of culture. In one place they like the country music but they do not like the hard metal guitar type of music. That is why it is also the same as their nature and culture. They like the soft type as they are the kind of people that do not like shouting much.